Psychoanalytic Discourse /Discours Psychanalytique (PSYAD)

An Independent International Journal for Clinical, Theoretical and Cultural Discussion of Psychoanalysis / discours psychanalytique une revue independante pour la discussion clinique, théorique et culturelle de la psychanalyse

Psychoanalytic Discourse is a semiannual international journal devoted to cross-disciplinary debate among theoreticians, clinicians, cultural scholars, and literary critics working within the psychoanalytic framework.  The journal is an independent peer review publication that strives to speak to the informed reader in psychoanalysis and is open to contributions from different schools and academic disciplines. Psychoanalytic Discourse publishes both submitted and invited manuscripts. Authors retain copyrights to their work and may publish their papers elsewhere. We invite scholarly and research papers that offer new ways of understanding the unconscious dimensions of human behavior. The journal honors not only diversity of theoretical perspectives, it encourages submissions of empirical work with diverse methodological orientations. PSYCHOANALYTIC DISCOURSE, PSYAD  is a sister journal of the EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOANALYSIS, ESP.

Editorial Team


  • Nahaleh Moshtagh, Ph.D., HamAva Institute (, Tehran
  • Mehrdad Eftekhar, M.D, Iran University of Medical Sciences, HamAva Institute (, Tehran
  • Editor-in-chief, (

Associate Editor

  • Shabnam Nohesara, M.D, Iran University of Medical Sciences, HamAva Institute (, Tehran

North America Editor

Editorial Board

  • Salman Akhtar, M.D, Jefferson Medical College and the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia
  • Sergio Benvenuto, Italian Council for Scientific Research, Editor of European Journal of Psychoanalysis
  • Behrooz Birashk, Ph.D ,Iran University of Medical Sciences
  • Donald Carveth, Ph.D. ,York University, Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute
  • Lorenzo Chiesa, Ph.D., University of Kent, Canterbury, England
  • Domenico Cosenza, PhD, University of Pavia, Istituto Freudiano, Italy
  • Mahmood Dezhkam, Ph.D. ,Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran
  • Roger Frie, Ph.D., PsyD., Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
  • Charles Lemert, Ph.D., Wesleyan University, Yale University
  • Gurmeet Kanwal, M.D, William Alanson White Institute, New York
  • Lewis Allen Kirshner, M.D, Harvard Medical School and Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
  • Peter Lawner, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School Cambridge Hospital, Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis
  • Viktor Mazin, Ph.D., Freud Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Hossein Mojtahedi, Ph.D., Siavoushan Center, Tehran
  • Edward Nersessian, M.D., Weill-Cornell Medical College, New York Psychoanalytic Institute
  • Dany Nobus, Ph.D., Brunel University, London
  • Elisabeth Roudinesco  Ph.D. University of ParisVII, France
  • Babak Roshanai, M.D, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Dawn Skorczewski, Ph.D., Brandeis University
  • Mohammad Sanati, M.D, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Stephen Soldz, Ph.D., Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, M.D
  • Saman Tavakoli, M.D, psychiatrist, private practice
  • Jeap Ubbels, Dutch Psychoanalytic Institute

Editorial Advisory Panel

  • Atousa Azadmehr
  • Anahita Ganjavi, Ph.D., private practice in Tehran
  • Behzad Pooralibaba, private practice in Tehran
  • Negar Sharif, Ph.D, Islamic Adaz University, Central Tehran Branch
  • Mahdiyeh Vazirian, M.D, Iran Psychiatric Hospital

Book Review Editor

  • Alireza Taheri, Ph.D,Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute, Canada

Editorial Assistants

  • Mina Hanifi

Copy Editors

  • Shahrzad Hashemi, (
  • Mamak Nourbakhsh, (
  • Barbara Nordin (

Issue 4, October 2017

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